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Book Review of Weird Time

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective

Weird Time-Exploring the Mysteries of Time and Space, published by Zontar Press, is available on

This is one amazing book!  This book can easily be used as a time-traveling bible. The book starts off with a dedication to the legendary author Timothy Green Beckley aka Mr. UFO. You will find spectacular artwork throughout this book. The artwork and photos are eye-candy for the exciting stories that are found throughout this book.  Mark Olly gets you in the mood, when he states: "strange is normal". Mark Olly is an archaeologist and has a lot of insight on space and time. He discusses how prophets were able to look into the future.  Mark ponders if the future is already fixed? 

Tim R. Swartz discusses the concept of accelerating and reversing the flow of time at a subatomic level. Tim credits his stellar group of writers and investigators that all have their own individual ideas about the mysteries of time.  By the time you finish this book, you will become a walking encyclopedia in your newly acquired knowledge of space and time.

You will learn that in Hinduism, time is known as "kala". Zurvan is the God of Infinite time and space. You will get enlightened about the Akashic Records. There are scenarios with the grandfather paradox. Info on the Fourth Dimension. You will find yourself delving into the great minds of various scientists, like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Learn about Kronos - King of the Titans and God of Time. Contributor Hercules Invictus who is quite knowledgeable about Greek mythology discusses Kronos in detail. Future technology for the ancients, how about Neith, a deity from Egypt holding a pocketbook with many buttons.

Now that we have the Internet, we are getting a semi-truck load of time traveling stories.  Time traveling stories like John Titor, or actors that have an exact double from the past. People are fascinated with time travel, that is why there are so many TV shows and movies that lean towards time traveling. Time slips are mind blowing and you will get your share of stories on time slips in this book. You will learn about a man from the 23rd Century that lands in Russia and gets arrested for espionage.

Also, questions are raised on what some of these extraterrestrial creatures are. Example: The Flatwoods Monster. Was this really the pilots of the UFO or did the real UFO occupants send out a paranormal illusion or manifestation? If you look at the Flatwoods Monster, it's a creature that could have been easily created by a young child, a comical ghoul.  How about those frightening creatures seen by Calvin Parker and Charlie Hickson? Were the creatures robot-like contraptions or some type of special effect projections?  This part of the book made me think of the Miracle of Fatima. I always believed that the children saw a hologram of the Lady. This book will definitely make you think. 

This book will take a nosedive into the stories of elves, pixies and fairies. Learn about temporal distortions. Get an eye-opening time traveling story that deals with a real-life Chilean Corporal. Why wouldn't the aliens allow Betty Hill or Villas Boas to take home evidence of their extraterrestrial encounters?  Are MIB time travelers?  What's up with John Titor? Is the story about Moberly and Jourdain in Versailles, France true?  Did they really go back in time? What did they see in their time slip? 

Sean Casteel and Tim R. Swartz are like bulldogs. They just won't let go when looking deep into space and time, they both discuss time slips and you will be shaken by the time slip story that happened in Liverpool, England. You will find information on Kaspar Hauser, the boy from nowhere. Information about the very haunted Berengaria Hotel in Cypress.

Tim R. Swartz talks about Time Loop Ghosts. Paul Eno talks about cryptids, multiple parallel worlds and the Multiverse.  There is a huge load of information in this book. Swartz also talks about Nikola Tesla and a reality warping accident. Info on the infamous Philadelphia Experiment. Have you ever looked at your cell phone and it shows 11:11? Find out about this 11:11 mystery in this book.  Get the scoop on Mike "Madman" Marcum and the time warping Jacob's Ladder! 

After reading Weird Time-Exploring the Mysteries of Time and Space, I will never look at the world the same again!  If a wolf were to clamp down on your pants leg and not let go, is exactly what Weird Time does to the readers!  Weird Time is a MUST READ!  

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