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By Tillie Treadwell

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." - Michael Altshuler


Time is said by many, if not most, to be nothing but an arrow flying straight, piercing the future without mercy, without hesitation or cessation. Is this the truth, however? What if time is a type of magical dimension in itself?

Have you ever pondered that deep within science may be a type of magic that resides within the quantum realm, and that we each are a part of that realm, and therefore, there is that magic inside each of us? What might past civilizations, other teachers and philosophers have to add to the conversation about temporal movement? 

Within the pages of this odd tome, you may find some answers, although I admit, you will likely also find many questions. Examine the history and the concept of time through the minds of a brilliant, unlikely team of authors and contributors, and decide for yourself who and or what time is.

From the sands of ancient Egypt, to the 1950s American experience and beyond, from Einstein's interpretations to more modern quantum theories, Weird Time is a book containing, I believe, something for everyone.

In it, you can learn about strange missing time experiences with stalling cars, "impossible" repopulation events of species, and hear about how the Men in Black and the Mandela effect may intertwine closely with science, and reality, itself. Could it be that instantaneous manifestation of objects is related to time travel somehow?

Here, true tales about strange experiences with time. Then there are our writings here about portals, fairies, aliens, and even dimension jumping! And have you ever wanted to learn about the history of homemade time travel machines? This is the book for you then, and maybe, just maybe, time is not what we have thought or taught... 

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