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Are Beings From Beyond Responsible For Our Evolution?

By Sean Casteel

Diane Tessman has been involved with the UFO mystery since she was four years old. At that young age she had two encounters, about six months apart, with a human-like being called “Tibus.” From that time onward, she has felt a “shared consciousness” with Tibus which is similar to telepathy. With Tibus’ input, Diane has offered psychic insight and spiritual counseling to thousands of people who also feel contact from “beings from beyond.” The experience can be frightening at times and joyous at other times. Diane’s guidance has proved helpful and healing. She maintains two publications, Change Times Quarterly, and Star Network Heartline for star seeds, experiencers, and seekers.

Diane would eventually become a field investigator with both the Mutual UFO Network, a worldwide civilian organization dedicated to finding the truth about UFOs and aliens, and the legendary Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization (APRO) which developed information and research on UFOs and UAPs which continue to be highly respected.

Today, Diane is Director of the Star Network Cat Sanctuary and Wildlife Refuge as well as offering readings and counseling to people hoping for emotional healing and providing personal insight for those seeking to solve the mysteries around them. Diane has never stopped investigating and researching in a scientific manner but, amazingly, her spirit guide Tibus has continued to have input into her scientific efforts as well. Science and Spirit are the two sides of the whole “coin” of reality.

In her new book, Beings From Beyond: They Are Here, Diane shares what she has discovered regarding the UFO/UAP phenomenon and what beings are really behind it. She has experienced paranormal events all her life and offers amazing new information as to what The Paranormal really is and how it fits in with the UFO phenomenon. After all, very often if someone has a UFO experience, they are also visited by paranormal happenings. Diane shares her own experiences in this regard in this new book.

The book opens with this dramatic declaration: “Here is my hypothesis: UFOs and UAPs are from a level of existence beyond ours. This in itself is the answer to many aspects of the UFO/UAP puzzle.

“A new level of existence will become a necessity,” Diane continues, “an evolutionary mandate, as our advanced science technology opens ‘places beyond belief,’ as Neil Armstrong exclaimed. For instance, the creation of wormholes and the warping of time and space will expose astronauts to exotic energies and levels of reality for which our brains are not built. The filters of our minds limit us.”

Is it possible that our level of technological achievement will exceed the limits to which we have evolved as a species? Are we in effect leaving ourselves behind?

But there is something higher than us already at play here, according to Diane.

“The Level Beyond,” she writes, “is a combination of time travelers, extraterrestrials, and possibly other-dimensional beings. What unites them is not their specific origin but their level of existence. Their craft may vary, but they all share the fact that they are from a level of existence beyond 20th and 21st century Earth.”

Diane draws on the work of Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev, who in 1964 presented fellow scientists with what is now called the Kardashev Scale, a ranking of civilizations in the universe that runs from Type One through Type Five. Earth at present is at the 0.7 Level of Civilization on the Kardashev Scale. Well-known physicist Dr. Michio Kaku estimates that Earth will attain to Level One in perhaps 100 to 200 years.

Normally, when a “higher level” is referred to, the assumption is that it involves metaphysical or spiritual beliefs. But such is not necessarily the case, according to Diane.

“The Level Beyond,” she writes, “which I am hypothesizing as the source of most UFOs and UAPs, is not about any religious or spiritual belief, not about reaching Godhead, ‘The All That Is,’ or Nirvana. This is an advanced level of existence based in science and technology; there are probably good, bad and in between groups and individuals in terms of moral integrity to be found there, but that is just my opinion.”

The forces that drove this higher evolution may have been the circumstances created by technological advances, advances that demanded a shift in both consciousness and physical form. Perhaps the same is happening to us.

“We have been evolving toward this level for many years,” Diane writes, “because evolution is always at work. Some humans have interiorized this upgrade of civilization more than others. Human entanglement with computers and high tech is part of our reaching for a higher ‘altered’ level. Also, the enduring love of millions of people for ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and other science fiction is a part of our evolution. This is also true for those who are involved with UFO truth who hope that UFO Disclosure happens soon, so that everyone on the planet will know for sure that we are not alone.”

Beings From Beyond explains that we are not the end of the Human Family. There will be new species of humans, just as Neanderthals and other humans existed in the past. We are only in the middle of the human journey and we will keep changing – unless we destroy ourselves.

Diane believes that we must keep reaching for the Level Beyond in order to survive as a species and to cope with future scientific advances like time travel and traversing interstellar space.

“Perhaps it is simply time,” she continues, “to leave the comfort of Earth and make an evolutionary step upward and outward, which involves strange new worlds and consciousness. It may be entirely natural.”

Beings From Beyond: They Are Here also includes a chapter that examines the Kardashev Scale in more detail, as well as chapters devoted to the phenomena of bizarre thought-forms called “Tulpas,” time travel, UFO occupants as visitors from our future and much more. Will the evolution of humankind keep pace with our technological advances in these troubled times?

[Beings From Beyond: They Are Here is published by Warped Space Press and is available at]

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